Credit without a bank: save money!

Do you want to make a loan to buy yourself a new car, to do work at home, or simply a loan without proof of use of money? So trust Astro Finance, the N ° 1 independent comparator on the internet and choose bankless credit at the best rate! We compare all the rates of the largest organizations to offer only the cheapest. Read for a critique

Credit without a bank… or not: we want the best rate!

Credit organizations are completely different from banks. Both are financial institutions, but unlike banks, the main role of credit organizations is to make funds available to individuals and professionals. In addition, credit agencies may also provide means of payment. They generally distribute these funds through consumer loans, bankless credit, home loans and also credit repurchase.

As for the banks? They correspond to institutions which receive public funds which they use to carry out credit and financial operations. In short, you can have your current accounts with your means of payment and your savings. Thanks to these deposits, the bank can give you credit, but it often prefers bank overdrafts that bring in much more.

We can therefore conclude that these two types of financial institutions grant consumer loans such as car loans or work loans. Obviously, credit without a bank is only offered by establishments specializing in credit. We observed several differences between these 2 organizations.

If you want to make a consumer loan and you do not know where to go but you want a loan without a bank, do not hesitate and come and compare the cheapest rate on Astro Finance. Because for us, whether it’s a bank or a credit organization, it’s the same thing, all that matters is to pay your credit as cheaply as possible.

Get the best rate for bankless credit

When applying for credit without a bank, many questions arise regarding the choice of establishment and the precautions to be taken. But the essential question remains that of the rate. It is simple today to make the right decision thanks to an online credit comparator such as Astro Finance:

To do this, you just need to have a computer and Internet access to obtain the various proposals in a few minutes (by the way, it also works very well on tablets and laptops ;-))
Indeed, canvassing banking establishments or credit organizations is a long and tedious step that can be spared you thanks to online credit comparators. In a few clicks and a single form to fill out, the comparator searches for you the cheapest bankless credit rate!

We therefore remind you that the personal data provided when filling out this questionnaire is fully protected by Astro Finance. Indeed, we not only have a CNIL declaration, but we are also officially registered in the central file of ORIAS which centralizes intermediaries in banking and credit operations.

No need to make an appointment in each bank to compare, or to budget for the application fees requested within these establishments, in less than 4 minutes your credit request is taken into account and is then processed in the most promptly ! You will receive an answer and it will then be possible to chat by phone, email or even via webcam with the commercial advisers of the credit organizations.

In addition to saving you money, your Astro Finance comparator will also save you time on your future projects! Astro Finance is much more than a credit without a bank, it is a credit at the best rate and a simplified acceptance of your file.

Regarding banks, it is important to remain vigilant and avoid any possible scam. You can see trading approaches with very tempting rates. But you should also know that these rates are only for old customers with a lot of savings. In addition, these cheap credits are mainly offered over 12 months, which almost no one is able to repay because the monthly payments are astronomical. Choosing a loan without a bank also means avoiding these traps.
The vast majority of banks do not allow their customers to benefit from savings compared to online credit comparators, hence the increasing number of requests for bankless credit.

Credit without a bank, more advantageous?

To see objectively what a loan without a bank at the best rate can save, let’s take the example of a request for a 10,000 USD loan for a car over 72 months:

  • Fixed APR rate for credit institution: 4.20% Monthly payment: 157.00 USD Total cost of credit: 1304.00 $
  • Fixed APR rate for bank X: 6.32% Monthly payment: 172.43 USD Total cost of credit: $ 11,982.96

Or $ 678.96 savings! For exactly the same credit 10,000 USD. Credit without a bank is really the right approach in this case.

Conclusion on bankless credit : going without banks is not a principle for Astro Finance because all we want is to get the best rate for our customers. It is clear that the banks, in the vast majority of cases, do not offer the best rate (and do not trust the sirens of the pub!). So yes to credit without a bank but especially YES to the cheapest credit!