No Payroll Loans online at 1 Click

No Payroll Loans online at 1 Click

People like housewives, self-employed or unemployed can not provide a payroll to justify having regular income, so I looked for the cheapest offers of loans without payroll for that type of person.

This type of loans can be classified within the so-called credits without paperwork at once, characterized by the absence of paperwork (including the non-presentation of a payroll for an employee) and the speed with which the application is managed.

By not requiring proof of income, the amounts that you are going to provide are small: From 50 euros to 900 euros, although many of these companies limit the amount of 300 euros if you are a new client for them.

1 What are the urgent loans without payroll of the market?

  • 2 What does it mean without a payroll?
  • 3 Advantages of the credit without payroll
  • 4 Minimum requirements that you will be required
  • 5 What are the quick credits without reliable payroll?
  • 6 Free and no-payroll loan offers?
  • 7 How to return a quick loan without a payroll?
  • 8 Conclusions


Minimum requirements that will require you

Minimum requirements that will require you

The majority of lenders that grant quick loans without online payroll here, only ask you to fill in a short form (amount of money, return period and some personal data). When they receive the form, they review it in their system and inform you of the loan’s approval.

To make requests with guarantees that you will approve the loan, you must meet at least the following requirements:

  • Be Spanish or legally resident in Spain
  • Have your ID or passport in force
  • Be of age
  • Be a bank account holder (where the money will be transferred)
  • Provide a mobile number

If you do not meet any of these requirements, do not waste your time and look for another option for micro loans because the ones that I have collected here will automatically deny you.

What are the quick credits without reliable payroll?

What are the quick credits without reliable payroll?

Nowadays there is a very wide offer of this type of loans, even the individuals that offer this type of services are proliferating without having the due guarantees.

In Spain, the regulation that regulates the sector is Law 22/2007, of July 11, on Distance Marketing of Financial Services Destined to Consumers, and Law 16/2011, of June 24, on Contracts of Credit to Consumption to which financial entities engaged in the provision of online loan services without payroll must submit.

At the time of the petition we must observe a series of factors:

Never trust if they ask you for money in advance: Reject that proposal to borrow money ask for money for “management expenses” or similar. The serious companies of miniprestamos without payroll have implemented in their official webs a virtual calculator in which introducing the money that you want and the term of return will indicate you exactly how much you have to pay.

Contrast opinions: Before launching to ask the money to any company, I recommend consulting the opinions of other users, and deal only with those companies that clearly indicate their social and fiscal address.

Secure portals: For many facilities such as not requiring payroll for the loan make sure that the web has the appropriate security measures, since through your form you will send personal data.

  • The url of your website should start by starting with https: //
  • Next to the url you have to see the drawing of a green padlock

Free and no-payroll loan offers?

Free and no-payroll loan offers?

If it is going to be your first request for a mini loan, in our portal you can get a quick credit without interest by taking advantage of the current promotions that we have of loans at 0% interest. I have created a list with the offers and promotions of different entities, which grant the first request to each new client, without charging any extra, and they do so in order to create a good reputation and make themselves known, being one of the most prominent within of the sector of the first free loan, Crediter, an entity of miniprestamos that is booming in Spain.

How to return a quick loan without a payroll?

How to return a quick loan without a payroll?

The process is very simple although each lender has its own peculiarities. All of them allow the return by bank transfer (if you have any questions, please contact your customer service department)

Some have a personal panel enabled by each applicant, from which with a couple of click you can make the money back.

You always have the option of making the deposit (do not forget or indicate your name and ID so that when they receive the money they know that the client is returning the loan)

In the event that the return date of the loan does not have enough money, what you have to do is contact the financial institution to request an extension (this solution is always better than late fees).. An example of a company that grants rollover extensions is the hypocredit personal loan.

Most of the lenders who do not ask for payroll, are flexible in terms of setting deadlines for return even you can indicate the duration of the credit in the virtual simulator.


  • Traditional banking automatically denies the application for loans to people who do not have a payroll endorsement.
  • Some lenders do not require the certificate of salaries for others but require that another type of income is available that demonstrates their solvency
  • The microloans without payroll are quick loans that grant amounts that do not exceed 1000 euros.