Non-bank long-term loans

Non-bank long-term loans


Non-bank loans with a long repayment period

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Among the companies that grant non-bank long-term loans, there is still no such choice as among companies providing payday loans, but in recent years several such companies have also come to us. One of them is Bibank, which grants long-term loans via the Internet.

Aasa’s offer may be of particular interest to those who need to borrow cash for a longer period of time, and therefore more than a “short-term” 30 days. At Aasa, we can adjust the repayment period according to your needs so that it can be from 6 to even 24 months.

Loan amounts available at Aasa. People looking for high amounts will be a bit disappointed because the company’s offer includes only loans from PLN 1000 to a maximum of PLN 3,400. The costs of Aasa loans are attractive, at least for non-bank conditions.

Borrowing PLN 1000 for a period of 12 months for donation, we will have a total of PLN 1624, so the average monthly installment will be PLN 138. This is not an exorbitant loan cost considering other non-bank offers. With similar costs, it can only be equal to Provident in the Transfer option and only slightly more expensive Takto Finance.

What will you need to apply for a non-bank loan in Aasa? Completed 20 years and not more than 80 years, a person must live permanently in Poland and have a stable income. Of course, an important criterion is also a clean account in the debtors’ registers.

We will be able to arrange all the formalities related to the loan remotely, without leaving your home. In the first step, we fill out the internet application for a loan and transfer the verification fee from our bank account in the amount of PLN 1. In the next step the data verification will take place and the decision about granting the loan will be taken. If this decision is positive and we will be granted a loan, a loan agreement will be sent to us via courier. After signing the documents and sending them back, a loan transfer will be made to our bank account.

It is worth mentioning that before the loan is fully repaid, it is possible to take the second one, provided that we have repaid at least half of the current loan installments.